Project: CareOrg

The collaborative research project CareOrg investigates transnational senior care work from and within Central and Eastern Europe. Our main idea is to understand and theorize emerging transnational care markets and identify solutions for sustainable and decent care work in Europe. Through empirical and engaged research we are going to map and analyze current and future patterns of commodification, marketization, transnationalization, professionalization, and digitalization of senior care.

Project: ReloCare

ReloCare, short for Relocating Care, is a research project that studies the recent trend to relocate seniors to care homes abroad, where the quality of care is high yet costs are lower. Our team researches this trend in Central and Eastern European countries (the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia), where care homes recruit potential residents from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Principal Investigator, Dr. Kristine Krause

Project: Living right – an anthropological study of far-right activism

My project investigates new forms of civic engagement pursued by youth far-right movements, striving to understand their increasing appeal among ‘ordinary’ citizens. Based on ethnographic research carried out with far-right militants in Poland, Italy and Slovakia, I attempt to situate the moral claims and political visions of present-day far-right activists in a broader historical context.

Mag. Dr. Agnieszka Pasieka

Project: State Performance and Biosocial Relatedness

This project combines recent advancements in the theory of kinship in complex societies and the theory of state performance, thus probing into the unexplored core of the contemporary state. Over the course of 24 months, researchers will gather and analyse data obtained through ethnographic fieldwork, public texts and interviews across Latvia in order to gain insight in five different dimensions of polity: everyday life, bureaucratic encounters, genealogical past and challenges brought about by new genetic developments.

Principal Investigator, Klavs Sedlenieks, PhD

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