André Thiemann

André Thiemann

Andre Thiemann

André received his PhD in Anthropology from Martin Luther University Halle/Germany in 2016, and currently works at Riga Stradins University, Latvia. His research addresses central questions of the anthropology of the state at the intersection of political economy and care. Ethnographically examining state relations in the global countryside, he sees the state not as bounded, but as a grounded, concrete, and complex intersection of relations of care, and the infrastructures necessary to provide it. Infrastructure signifies material promises, hopes for the future, and the (dis)trust people have in the state and the market economy. Care embodies the dialectics of inclusion and exclusion, belonging, and shifting solidarities.


Relational statecraft: How politics, infrastructures and welfare transform the state in Serbia

Recent Publications

The Red Gold of Serbia. A Historical Ethnography of Serbian Raspberry Production for the Global Market.

Moral Appreciation: Caring for Post-Socialist Cows in Contemporary Serbia

State Kinning and Kinning the State in Serbian Elder Care Programs

Underimplementing the Law: Social Work, Bureaucratic Error, and the Politics of Distribution in Postsocialist Serbia



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