Saskya Tschebann

Saskya Tschebann

Portrait photo Saskya Tschebann

Saskya Tschebann is currently a PhD student at the University of Vienna. Her project about end-of-life care in the California Central Coast region is funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Saskya studied social and cultural anthropology within the joint-master program CREOLE in Vienna and Lyon, France. For her master’s thesis, ‘Till Death do us Part: Ethnographic Account of the Cemetery Cimetière Naturel de Souché in Niort, France’, she investigated the natural burial movement in France. She conducted fieldwork while being a member of the interdisciplinary HERA-funded project DEEPDEAD (‘Deploying the Dead’).


As You Lay Dying: End-of-life doulas imagining a ‘good’ death at the interstices of public and private care?

Recent Publications

Cemetery enchanted, Encore: Natural Burial in France and Beyond.



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