Petra Ezzeddine

Petra Ezzeddine

Petra Ezzeddine is a social anthropologist at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague. Her research focuses on gender in migration, transnational care practices, ageing in migration, marketization and financionalization of care and appplied anthropology.

She held fellowships at the Hebrew University In Jerusalem (2000-2001), the Sasakawa Fellowship for Young Leaders at the Goethe  University in Frankfurt am Main (2007), the Erste Fellowship for Social Scientists (2010-2011), and the ACES Fellowship at the University of Amsterdam and the fellowship for international co-teaching awarded by the University of Padua (2023).

Petra has profound experience in collaborative, international EU funded research projects: in 2012-2014 European Social Funds: Equal Opportunities in Front of Czech Households (research on female migrant domestic workers), in 2014-2016 Norway Grants with University of Bergen (Norway): Women on the Sidelines (research on ageing in migration: female refugees from former Yugoslavia 50+). In 2020-2021, she became a co-leader of a seed grant from ACES (University of Amsterdam)-together with Dr. Kristine Krause): Transnational care landscapes in Central Europe: Privatisation, marketization and overlapping mobilities in senior care. As a part of the project, she co-established the international network EUROCare focusing on the different forms of mobilities related to senior care in CEE. The collaborative  research project CareOrg (VW Stiftung), is one of the outcomes of the network.

Throughout her academic career, she has been active in advocacy on gender, care, and migration. She cooperates closely with several Czech and Slovak non-governmental and international organisations working with migrant women and migrant domestic workers.


Political Mobilization of Cross-Border Live-in Care Workers (Slovakia/Austria)

Recent Publications

Care Bonds’ in the Times of Covid-19

The Gender of Gift: diversity and ambivalence of transnational care trajectories within postsocialist migration experience (together with H. Havelková)

Facing COVID-19: Live-in Care in Central Europe (together with B. Aulenbacher, D. Gábriel, M. Leiblfingrer, K. Milankovics, V. Prieler)

The political economy of social reproduction: cross-border care mobility in the Czech Republic (together with Z. Uhde)



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