Sofía Ugarte

Sofía Ugarte

Portrait photo Sofía Ugarte

Sofía is a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in LSE Anthropology (2023-2026). She specializes in care, racism, migration and the life course in Chile and Latin America. Her research seeks to understand how experiences of difference bring to the fore novel ways of understanding the processes and relations that constitute states and markets, and how economic and political imaginaries are constructed in and through intimate subjectivities and encounters. Sofía’s PhD work with migrant Haitian women in Santiago (Chile) has been published in American Anthropologist, Focaal, and Signs. She is finishing a book manuscript based on her dissertation, entitled States of Care: Affective Labor and Racism in Migrant Chile.


Social (In)Securities

Recent Publications

Caring for a Responsible Self: Migrant Motherhood and the Politics of Reproduction (accepted manuscript available upon request)

Skilling race. Affective labor and “white” pedagogies in the Chilean service economy.

Desired Formality: Labor Migration, Black Markets and the State in Chile

‘I Need to Work to Be Legal, I Need to Be Legal to Work’ Migrant Encounters, Haitian Women and the Chilean State (PhD diss.)

What if the Worst Happened? Life Insurance in London as a Two-faced Technology



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