Tatjana Thelen

Tatjana Thelen

Portrait photo Tatjana Thelen

Tatjana is a full professor at the department of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Vienna. Central to her theoretical work are both care and state. Together with her co-authors she developed a relational approach to the state. The three analytical axes of relational modalities, embeddedness and boundary work allow for grasping emerging formations bridging state images and practices. Care plays an important role in boundary work between the state and its others by way of negotiations of responsibilities. Such understandings of ‘appropriate’ configurations are linked to the way differences are conceived and acted upon, which contributes to long-standing patterns of inequality and marginalization.


State, Care, Inequalities

Recent Publications

Measuring Kinship: Gradual Belonging and Thresholds of Exclusion. (Special Issue of Social Analysis 65 (4), co-edited with Christof Lammer)

Care. Staat, Familie und die Konstruktion von Differenz. (together with Anna Ellmer)

Care as Social Organisation: Creating, Maintaining and dissolving significant relations

Care of the Elderly, Migration, Community: Explorations from Rural Romania

Political belonging through elder care: Temporalities, representations and mutuality.
(Chinese translation: 养老带来政治归属:时间维度、表征形式以及相互性)

Reconnecting State and Kinship

State Kinning and Kinning the State in Serbian Elder Care Programs

Stategraphy: Toward a Relational Anthropology of the State


Link: https://ksa.univie.ac.at/en/department/people/professorinnen/thelen-tatjana/

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