Marlene Persch

Marlene Persch

Portrait photo Marlene Persch

Marlene studied Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna. Since 2020 she is a a sowi:docs fellow at the University of Vienna. Her research interests include the anthropology of the state, anthropological debates on care and prison ethnographies.

She has done extensive ethnographic research in a prison in Ghana focusing on care relations and the everyday of prison officers. Welfare aspects in the prison have strengthened her interest in bureaucracies and state institutions. She is currently working on her PhD project “Becoming a State Actor: Prison Officer Training in Accra, Ghana” that focuses on the transformation of non-state actors into state actors in the training of prison staff in Ghana and the production of state awareness


Becoming a State Actor: Production of state awareness among Prison Officers in Ghana

Recent Publications

Der sorgende Staat? Sorgenarrative im Jugendgefängnis in Accra, Ghana.



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